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Discover Moroccan Culture

Learn how to cook morrocan food, discover the art of henne tatoos and moroccan potery and many other things..

Live a real Sahara experience by discovering the local cultures and traditions. Learn ancient moroccan art from local people in this exclusive opportunity.


Make your own discovery day :

Choose what you want to learn from Moroccan culture during half a day or a complete day. Try the local arts with specialists whose knowledge have been passed for decades inside their families. You can choose whatever you want to do for 4h per half-day.

  • Learn how to make the Moroccan tea like a Tuareg (30mn)

  • Learn how to cook a traditional Tajine  (30mn) or Couscous  (2h)

  • Visit  a traditional Kasbah : 1h

  • Learn how to make an Henne Tattoo. Natural temporary traditional tattoo : 2h

  • Learn how to make handmade pottery : 4h 

Half day :


Complete day (accommodation included) :


One and a half day (accommodation included) :


Contact Us

P/WhatsApp: +212 672-729018

Email: info@dartalmoudi